A Love Story of Unusual Circumstances and Weirder Pronouns


A friend told me she received a text message from her mother that said simply, "Yay!! They just got engaged!" Naturally, she assumed her mother was texting her about The Bachelor. But nope. My book.

Her mom is reading Love Undocumented, and at the end of the day, the thread through the book is a love story. It's about dating across status and how immigration circumstances landed us in some unusual situations... like considering a Vegas wedding venue, taking non-smiling engagement photos at a lawyer's office, and me meeting my future in-laws alone. It's a strange story in some ways, but also one that I hope readers will relate to in some of its simpleness.

It all began with a boy and a girl who liked each other. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and before the end of the month, we will mark the 11th anniversary of when we met and started dating. One of the most fun parts of writing Love Undocumented was reminiscing on those days and writing them down with a decade of experience gained since. 

But it's also amusing to look back on your own love story and wonder how it would be different today. Most notably, I realize we did not get to come up with a wedding hashtag! In fact, there's no social media record of our wedding whatsoever (except what I've blogged about since). It makes me wonder if it really happened!

Well, tonight Billy and I are doing a real-time conversation on Facebook Live and Instagram Live (9 pm ET, February 13), and I've been compiling some wedding hashtags for us to consider. I have no doubt Billy will be glad we didn't really  have to come up with one. Although, I have to admit, that guy can surprise me!

In celebration of Love Week and to give you a little preview before tonight's discussion, I'm dusting off this video we made a few years back. Billy's answers still makes me laugh out loud.

If you want to woo someone this week, maybe all you need to do is up your pronoun game. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out where Billy and I land on the relationship spectrum exactly!

(For a little Spanish grammar refresher you didn't know you'd need today, Usted is the formal you, Tu is the informal. Also, vos - used heavily in Guatemala - is another informal version of you that may be best described as slang.) 

Full disclaimer: Billy is in no way a Spanish teacher (in case you were wondering). But I just love the laughter and silliness that comes with talking dating and relationships. Join us tonight as we dive into our own mixed-status dating experience, what we learned about the U.S. immigration system, and what we hope for readers of Love Undocumented

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We'll be on Facebook and Instagram LIVE at 9 pm ET for about 20 or 30 minutes. We'd love to answer your questions. Feel free to send them ahead of time or jump in during the chat. We're looking forward to talking with you!