I would be honored to speak to your group or at your event. Storytelling combined with research are my favorite way to engage conversations on important topics of faith and justice. Past speaking engagements have included: Christian Community Development Association conference, National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference, Azusa Pacific University, Baylor University, Samford University, and Trinity Christian College. 

Below are three examples of speaking topics. I am always willing to discuss a focus that benefits your audience. Please contact me for more details!

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Behind the Headlines: Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Immigration

How and why are immigrants coming here? Why don't they come "the right way"? How can Christians engage this divisive topic? With personal experience, sociological research, and biblical reflections, Quezada unpacks a complex topic with accessibility and compassion. She extends the invitation for believers to love and advocate for their immigrant neighbors with radical hospitality.


Risking Trust in a Fearful World

Fear and anxiety characterize modern-day society. Yet Scripture reminds us to "be not afraid." How do we identify the places fear has infiltrated our personal and collective lives and actively resist it? What can we learn from biblical heroes like Moses and Queen Esther? Quezada focuses on relationships - especially across society's barriers - as an antidote to fear and an opportunity to draw closer to the heart of God.  


Standing Strong: Solidarity, Sacrifice, and Sustainability in a Life of Justice

How do we live a faithful life of justice? Trends, campaigns, and products will come and go, but it is people on the margins who can teach us how to hope, how to anticipate justice, how to fight, and how to truly live. With over a decade of living among the poor, Quezada shares what the Bible and neighbors can teach us about a lifelong engagement in justice.


Want to discuss Love Undocumented?

Love Undocumented is a great choice for Book Clubs or Bible Studies to read and discuss together. If your group is walking through the book and would like me to join your conversation, please reach out using the form below! I would love to join you via Skype for a Q & A session.

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